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Friday, January 11, 2013

Brand New Header & blog button!

Hey guys! Like my new header? It's been designed by the amazing (and very talented) Lisseth! Lisseth is the woman who owns read-a-holicz- as far as addictions go, reading is the best one!

Not only does she own her own book blog, she also does blog templates! Banners, headers. buttons etc..
But...Here's the best part..... she does all this- For FREE. F-R-E-E.
Yes, you did read right, free. So if you want an amazing GFX for your blog- I highly recommend Lisseth of read-a-holicz.
P.S She's also made me a new blog banner, add it if you haven't added it already! 


  1. Fabulous new design! Lisseth did a terrific job! (: I updated to add your new button! Can you update mine too? LOL. I'm sorry about all of the button changing recently...I'm bad about that. (: Thank you! (:

  2. Wow this looks really good! I love it! It goes with your name very well. I can't stop staring at it! I'll add your button!