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Sunday, January 13, 2013

CVC #8: Reckless Vs Tiger's Quest!

Welcome to the brand new segment I like to call CVC, short for Cover Versus Cover. Basically I give you two covers, a short analysis - as well as the authors name. Based on that- you'll vote for the cover you think best. The polls will close early Friday Morning. And on Friday afternoon you'll come back to this post to see your voting results. (they'll be posted on the bottom). 2  more CVC's to go people! our seasonal winner is not so far away! This weeks contestants are Reckless and Tiger's Quest
Tiger's Quest (The Tiger Saga, #2)
1) Reckless! dramatic, expressive and elegant! A very nice focus point here, a green yellow eyed face with tendrils as hair. The silver embroidered picture frame really brings out the green with a certain frosty tone. Articulate and beautiful.
2) Tiger's Quest has more of a feisty elegance to me.  The pale yellow embroidery and curvy flower designs seem to flourish across the cover, spreading a gentle fire through the tigers eyes. Very particular, yet so generic.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the book covers you see on this CVC post, However I am using them under the fair use act. Under fair Use I am allowed yo use these images as long as I am: Providing commentary (which I am) and or Providing criticism (which I am). Under fair use I must show where I have acquired these images from, you can find where I get these images from by clicking the image.


  1. Gotta say Tiger's Quest. I own all of them and absolutely love the covers. So I'm biased. Again.

  2. The cover of Reckless also kind of creeps me out haha

  3. Tiger's Quest. Nothing about the Reckless cover says "reckless" to me...

  4. Again, both covers are awesome, but I have to go against the flow .. I love the silver frame of Reckless and somehow the creep factor of the image in the 'mirror' is what makes that cover creepily fantastic to me! those eyes kind of gives me the heebiejeebies.