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Sunday, January 6, 2013

CVC #7: Young Samurai Vs Vampirates

Ahoy! Welcome to the brand new segment I like to call CVC, short for Cover Versus Cover. Basically I give you two covers, a short analysis - as well as the authors name. Based on that- you'll vote for the cover you think best. The polls will close early Friday Morning. And on Friday afternoon you'll come back to this post to see your voting results. (they'll be posted on the bottom). 2  more CVC's to go people! our seasonal winner ain't so far away! This weeks theme is Pirates, and here to compete are Young Samurai and Vampirates !
  1. Young Samurai! A great series written by a great author. However what's important today, is the cover. Young samurai has an obvious  main focus point-the two eyes flanking the sail's of the vessel, the two eyes who supposedly belong to a ninja....These startling eyes are bound to catch yours when you pass by your local book store, for that is the point of them- to give your head a jolt when you discover a set of curious eyes staring back at you from your bookshelf.
  2. Vampirates has a  more elegant Gothic theme to it, a bit more delicate that young samurai. I consider this a good thing for it makes it appealing to older readers. Nice detail, no main focus point other that the actually title- not quite a drawback if you think about it. The red cover embroidery (or is that blood?) is a nice touch that was added in, it brings the whole cover together for me.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the book covers you see on this CVC post, However I am using them under the fair use act. Under fair Use I am allowed yo use these images as long as I am: Providing commentary (which I am) and or Providing criticism (which I am). Under fair use I must show where I have acquired these images from, you can find where I get these images from by clicking the image.

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  1. I like the cover of Vampirates better because it shows more of the details of the ship. Although I do like the other one because it shows the two eyes. Like you said, they can definitely be eye catching.

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