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Monday, January 13, 2014

Point-List Review: Waiting Game, by J.L. Ficks & J.Ee Dugue

"Tale One of the Shade Chronicles...
Doljinaar. Kingdom of might and stone. One name is whispered upon the lips of every man, woman or child old enough to know fear. An assassin lives among them. A foreigner born of a far off dark land and yet lies as close as their shadows. An assassin that goes by the name of Shade...

It has been many long years since Shade left the black forests of his people, the Dark Elves, where he was trained among the ranks of the Unseen. He has grown rich and powerful in the world of men, feeding off mankind's compulsion for spilling its own blood. His name has become like a cold wind slipping in through the night, but even he tires of his own legend and yearns for a challenge...

And so when Shade was offered a job that could mean his own downfall, he did not hesitate to accept. He would strike at the crimelord of the Kurn underground. In one bold stroke he would make himself an enemy of his own dark underworld. Has he finally found a worthy enemy or will this contract be his last?" -Goodreads

My Point-List Review:
Since I'm having a bit of trouble putting my thoughts together, I've deiced to critique in a point-list style.
  • Positive Point: Waiting Game had great writing for a small published book. I could easily picture the Ice Swamps and the Ruins of Garrlohan.
  • Neutral Point: I once read a quote that stated "there is no such thing as a bad book, only different tastes". That proclamation holds true for this review. Waiting Game had a very dungeons and dragons feel to it, which is something I wasn't expecting.
  • Neutral Point: Not much focus was put on Shade (The protagonist), however I think this was a purposeful move by J.E Duge. (Possibly to put more emphasis on the story)
  • Positive Point: Though Mr. Ficks book was only 154 pages, it felt allot longer, due to the multiple and vibrant locations visited by Shade. 
  • Positive Point: The idea for the plot was a solid one. Waiting Game was essentially a quest novel to assassinate  a foreign sovereign.
  • Positive Point: The melting pot of various fictional races was delightful. I am a personal fan of the Minotuars.
Rating: 3.5

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