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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snippet Sunday #3: The Maelstrom, by Henry H Neff

Snippet Sunday is a new weekly meme I'll be doing (you guessed it) every Sunday! The point of Snippet Sunday is for bloggers to share their favorite little "snippets" that made you hate or love your current read. Think of snippet Sunday as Teaser Tuesday for those of us who don't have time to blog on Tuesdays. XD Here's how snippet Sunday works, you can even participate too!
  1. Pick up your current read
  2. Quote 3-5 lines from that read (max)
  3. Post those quotes on your blog in a Snippet Sunday post
  4. Post the link to your Snippet Sunday Right in the comments section below
Note: Don't forget to show us where your quote came from! Always cite the quoted book's title, as well as the page number. Let`s get started!

"It just needs more basil," Mina assured him.
"No it does not," Bram declared. It needs less garlic. Didn't I tell you to follow the recipe?"
"I did follow the recipe!" shouted Mina, defiantly flinging the rest of the basil into the pot.
"Show it to me then."
"I threw it in the fire!"
"What have I told you about lying child?"
"To get better at it!" -The Maelstrom

Oh the humor I tell you! 
Though the Maelstrom was not a very humorous book, it was  one filled with battle, private school and and other-worldly adventure. I believe it was the only book I could find no flaw with. Good read!

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  1. This sounds like a pretty fun read! I haven't heard of the series but they do sound pretty interesting. I wish my books fell from the sky (your poll) that would be amazing. Though painful and destructive, especially to cars.