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Friday, April 12, 2013

Blog news/ Upcoming reviews!

Blog News
Some of you  may have noticed that I've been playing around with my blog a bit!
Below "popular posts" and right above the blogroll, you can see a Tweet/Like/Subscribe button.
So Tweet, Follow and Subscribe!
The other thing I've changed is my review layout. As seen on my review of Oblivion, all reviews will now be done like the following. (Tell me if you like this new review style, do you think the main image should be bigger?)
Lastly but not least, I've fiddled around with my template; and as you can see on this post, there's a brown outline!

Upcoming Reviews
So far, the main thing on my schedule is to finish reading Zom-B City. (Though I'll probably be done by the time this post is published) After that... well I'm not sure. I have a bunch of books I've wanted to read but don't have the time to! It seems I'm finally developing a to-read list...

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