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Friday, August 9, 2013

Is this the Future of Cover reveals? Pixel Unvieling/ Zom-B Gladiator

This is a brilliant new idea that I just found out about on Darren Shan's Shanvile Monthly. I'm really surprised that what he's is doing isn't mainstream right now. 

Anyways, with the upcoming release of his new book, Darren decided to take the unprecedented route to a cover reveal. Instead of doing it the traditional way, he is doing something called a pixel reveal- as explained below.
"Simon & Schuster, are planning a VERY special reveal for the Zom-B Gladiator cover. It will be a pixel cover reveal. They're going to create a site for it, and fans are going to be able to go to the site and reveal a pixel by tweeting or sharing a link. As more and more of you do it, more of the cover will be revealed -- the time it takes for the whole cover to be revealed will thus be entirely down to you guys! We think this is the first time this has been done by a UK children's publisher, so we're all very excited about it!"- DarrenShan.com
This kind of (voluntary) fan-driven publicity is what really caught my eye here. Everyone has social media, whether its Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, And everyone checks social media - almost daily. So why not use that fact to your advantage? Why not cajole users of that same social media to share/promote your content! The Users get something they want; you get something you want, and your message/content gets snowballed across twitterverse! (Or any other respective "verse".)

Speaking of "You get what you want"; that's another thing I noted. Unlike other fan-driven publicity strategies, this one gives us an incentive. Each and every one of us gets something for offering up our social [media] influence.

So, this leads me to the question of the post, or what I want to ask you guys.

Do you think bloggers have a place in this new era of unveiling? Is this the future of cover reveals?


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