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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eddie's Ramblings: Check before you buy!

Okay, I'm going to do a little rambling right now. What am I going to be rambling about you ask? Amazon reviews. And well... odd adults.

It all started the day I finished reading  39 Clues: Day of Doom.....T'was was written by a popular crime thriller author called David Baldacci. The novel itself was okay; but not at all fitting for a finale. So I immediately went to Amazon to see if others shared my feelings. (You never want to be that one crazy reviewer that everyone whispers about)
I quickly found tons reviews, a LARGE minority of them giving the book 1-2 stars. I asked myself "why would that be? It wasn't that bad.."

After a few seconds of scrolling, I had my answer. "Apparently" swarms of 18+ fans from  David Baldacci's adult crime novels have blindly bought The Day of Doom (without reading the blurb I assume) expecting Baldacci's usual scandalous "hardcore" thrillers. I can tell you that they were quite shocked to see that it was "juvenile at best" and "Not the usual David Baldacci book". One reviewer even admitted that he "wasn't expecting this book to have kids as the main characters". 

Now the reason  I decided to post this; is because The Day of Doom is indeed A "juvenile" novel. Why? Because its a  CHILDREN'S BOOK, written for eight year olds(No joke, as stated on Amazon) I should also tell you that The Day of Doom" is published by scholastic.
Anyhow, many of Baldacci's fan didn't realise this, until after they'd purchased the novel, and by that time it was already too late. The moral of the story? CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!


  1. I literally JUST did this the other day at the library. I assumed a book was YA but it was adult. That was interesting.

    On another note, Amazon reviews are awful. Everyone says the reviews on the site are unhelpful and borderline lies. I recommend Goodreads :)

    1. ah yes... those amazonians...

    2. Ha! I've never heard that term used with them surprisingly. You really should get a Goodreads... *Peer Pressure*

  2. I actually have a goodreads account, but I'm still figuring out how to use it! It has a different interface than I'm used too. I'm trying though ;)