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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Eddie's Cover of the Season: CVC Grand Finale!

Welcome to the grand finale of CVC! I'ts been one season since this all started and through that season you've been busy choosing winners every single week. And Now from our bucket of weekly winners, you'll be choosing only One cover. That special one cover will be named Eddie's Cover of The season! Our Grand winner! The author that wins this title will also get this award to show off their triumph:
Amazing right? Here's all you need to know;                       
CVC is a battle between covers, and only between covers. You should not be voting on the novel you like best, rather the one that looks better. (It's a cover competition after all!)
In this CVC post there will be no analysis, instead there's a voting poll at the bottom. 
You'll be given 6 days to vote. The polls will close late Friday morning and the winner will be named late Friday afternoon. Your votes will be LIVE and available for you to see; so you can check back at any time to see how your book of choice is doing.
 Let's get started everyone! (You can click on each book image image to make it larger)
Tiger's Quest (The Tiger Saga, #2)
Credit: (click link to find source of image): NevermoreSerpents ShadowWereworldZom-BVampiratesRuler of the RealmTigers QuestTime Riders
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Good luck to all the contesntants! -Eddie The Book Gazer
Congratulations Darren Shan! For winning Eddie's Cover of The Season!
*fizz* *Crackle* *pop*
You may take your prize (see top)
And thank you  to all the people who voted week after week, on this CVC competition! Being able to complete this major goal of mine!- thanks!
Regards Eddie


  1. wow! that was such a hard decision!!

  2. Seeing them all like this makes the decision really hard!