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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Thoughts: The Legend of Ellie Quin (Volume No.1)

Ellie Quin is a sci-fi dystopia about a 19 year old  farm girl yearning to go to the big city-with one essential twist. It's the 31'st century and humans- are in space. Gone are  the clunky rocket propelled spaceships, and gone are the state of the art satellites. This is the future- and in the future a large government controlled society is all that's left. From the first page I found myself intrigued by the interesting and at times bizarre world of Ellie Quin. Food smart machines, that pop out food, Oxygen creating bio-plants that are farmed like chickens, and best of all- Personal hovercrafts! However all is not well in paradise. As I've said before Ellie is a farm girl, a bored one in fact. She yearns to get off her repetitive farm and travel far and wide towards the big city, New Haven. But little does she know, powerful forces are conspiring against her, for she is an contagious  experiment- a very contagious one indeed.
For any reader really, Ellie Quin would be a great book. It was captivating, well perceived, and greatly thought out. Writing sci-fi books for many authors is complicated, mainly because you have to describe something the reader may; or may to have reference to. I mean, how would you describe the latest future  food-cooking technology? Or the newest alien plants species? Without making it sound silly? That my friend, is hard. It's the big reason why they ain't  so many teen sci-fi books out there. So when I picked up Ellie Quin, I was pleasantly surprised to find amazing descriptive quality and crisp images popping up within my head.
It was a honestly great novel and I  haven't heard anybody say otherwise. So what on earth are you waiting for? Stop reading this review and go out and buy it already!
Rating: A
What to expect?
  • Super cool plant species
  • Flashbacks from cenuries after Ellie Quinn's death.
  • Omnipedia
  • Future technology!
Check out Alex's other series, TimeRiders! Oh, and did I mention Alex Scarrow may just be coming right here to The Book Gazer? That's right! Expect a guest post from Alex Scarrow coming soon!


  1. I like the format you do your reviews in.

    As for your Twilight comment...
    DON'T READ IT. EVER. JUST. DON'T. The entire plot is awful and the characters, bleh. So bad. I appreciate how it got people into reading and the YA genre, but it's a mess.

  2. Great review and very well worded (to avoid spoilers) Thank you.

    Love the blog btw


    Alex Scarrow (author - ELLIE QUIN, TIMERIDERS)
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