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Sunday, March 31, 2013

39 Clues Series Three: Unstoppable [UPDATED]

Wednesday November 13 2012
Yep, you heard right - and no I'm not pulling your leg.
The 39 clues has been extended to a third series! This brand new tetralogy is expected to be about 4 books long and one smile wide. ( See what I just did there?!? I taught you a new word!)

Here's what Jude Watson had to say about this pristine new series-
"I lost power just as I was about to post this message last week—coincidence?  But now the Gideonsatellite is back online, and I wanted all of you to know that there is a brand-new 39 Clues series, UNSTOPPABLE, in the works!  Amy and Dan are thrown into a new global challenge—and the unthinkable is suddenly reality.  Everything they’ve sacrificed for is going to be in peril.  I’ll be writing the kickoff Book One, and the fantastic talespinners Jeff Hirsch and Natalie Standiford will follow with Two and Three.  My partner in crime Gordon Korman will wind it all up in Book Four.  So stay tuned until October 2013…  and in the meantime, keep reading Cahills vs Vespers!  You’re not going to believe what happens next. "- Jude Watson.

When asked about Unstoppable, Scholastic executive Rachel Griffiths had a very personal answer; "It was the kids – it’s always the kids. They were clamoring for more" "Kids are posting all the time – on average, we receive 1,000 messages a day,” "They told us that they were sad that Cahills vs. Vespers was winding down, and were desperate for new stories. When they ask for something, we always like to be there for them. And the kids really pushed for this.”

Well, seems like its going to be amazing series! Another daring adventure with Amy and Dan, - perhaps even their last?

UPDATE: February 14'th 2013
According to Amazon, book one of the new Unstoppable series will arrive October 1'st 2013-with 224 pages!