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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cover Reveal: Zom-B BABY (U.K and U.S)

Zom-B Baby (UK)
Doesn't that look simply horrific? Now for the U.S version!
Zom-B Baby (USA)
This...is one of the BEST Zom-B covers yet!
I mean look at that formerly-cute baby face, turned into a snarling violent MONSTER!
It looks positively EVIL! Wow.
On a side note, does anybody think this is the first time a U.S cover, has actually outshone the U.K version? (In the Zom-B series) Purple seemed to be a great choice!


  1. That first one is so creepy! I usually go US over UK, always. I do agree about the purple, it looks great! (and I appreciate the fact the baby isn't as noticeable!) Ha!