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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eddie's Mid-January book Haul

Due to a sudden phobia of anything mainstream, I've bought some very interesting books this this month. (I'm usually terrified of ANYTHING with a hint of horror in it.)
So uh.. behold my weekly book haul?

---Books In Print---

Hold Me Closer Necromancer:
I originally saw this novel at the Library and shoved it back on the shelf, fearing that it was a Diviner's-esque romance novel. I was wrong!...It turns out, Hold me Closer Necromancer, is a play on Elton John's lyric "Hold me closer Tiny Dancer". Oh, and its also uses song lyrics to describe each chapter. Never forget that!

The Fury:
Can we all take a moment, to appreciate, the SHEER AWESOMENESS of this cover? LOOK AT THAT FACE! That insane, and playfully-malicious, face. The Fury had me hooked on its insides before I even cracked the spine. Demonic zombies are just that epic.

----On my Kindle---

Sideshow: In search of something similar to Malice, or Triskellion, I stumbled across Sideshow. Though it is shares nothing in common with the two, I thought it'd be interesting. I was wrong.. again. Oh well, in the DNF pile it goes.

Waiting Game: Assassins, dark elves, and hard-to-pronounce locale. The Waiting Game has a very "dungeons and dragons" feel to it.... While usually this would mean I'd stay away from it, the writing is actually pretty good. It's certainly a refreshing
My first haul post is in the bag! I probably won't be doing this bi-weekly, It'll depend on how busy I am with school. Any tips on how to do this thing?

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