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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Magic Theif #4 has a title and COVER! (Finally)


Wow,.It has been a long time coming.

Back in Elementary (2010), the Magic Thief was one of my favourite books. I was fascinated with Sarah Prineas's humble world of Magic, Dragons and Alchemy. When news spread that she was extending the series, I was overjoyed.... until the release date came to light... 2014. I had to wait FOUR YEARS, until Conn and Nevery's next adventure. My bookish heart cracked.

Today is a new day however, and we finally have the cover and date we have all been waiting for. I am happy to say, that the next book in Sarah's The Magic Thief  comes out September 16'th 2014. The wondrous blurb, though not complete - is as follows:

"It’s called Chimney Swifts (that’s my title for it; my publisher might change it), and it’s about what happens when a gang of chimney sweeps are going down chimneys in Wellmet to steal locus magicalicus stones.  Everybody suspects Conn, of course, because he is a thief, so he (and the little dragon Pip!) has to join the sweeps to figure out what’s really going on.  What he discovers is that his biggest enemy has returned to Wellmet and is up to no good…"-Sarah Prineas

-No Further information available-
Sarah Prineas"Sarah Prineas lives in the midst of the corn near Iowa City, Iowa, and can usually be found writing fantasy novels on a stealthy silver MacBook Air called Dash. Prineas's Magic Thief series introduced readers to the irascible wizard Nevery and his gutterboy apprentice, Connwaer.

Sarah holds a PhD in English literature and recently taught honors seminars on fantasy and science fiction literature at the University of Iowa. She has an amazing dragon action-figure collection and occasionally bakes biscuits (although she says hers never seem to turn out as tasty as Benet's do in The Magic Thief).

Sarah is married to John Prineas, a physics professor, which comes in handy when she's writing about magic. They are the parents of Maud and Theo. "- Via Harper Collins

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  1. This cover looks beautiful and I have been wanting to read this series forever. One of my 5th grade students recommended it to me and I can't wait to get started. Based on your excitement about this cover- the series is one I should start soon. :) Thanks for sharing.