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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Three ways the Hunger Games inadvertently ruined Dystopia

*Note, this article is semi-facetious, and I love Suzanne Collin's work.*
Why, why, why... I get that Catching Fire was successful, and that EVERYONE loves sagas with an odd number of books, but come on! Can we just let stories, be stories? The Issue I have with trilogies is in order to make them just that, the author often has to shorten/expand their novel to fit the three book cutoff.  And when that happens, the integrity of the novel is often compromised.

#2 The formulaic approach to Dystopia
The Hunger Games had everything you'd want in a novel, in perfect amounts. Romance, action, adventure and a good hero. Unfortunately, publishers have caught wind of this winning recipe, and have attempted to mass produce it, resulting in a sea of Hunger Games likenesses. I like to call this phenomenon, the Dystopia Formula.  (Lost Girl + Trilogy + corrupt/toxic society + love interest = Multi-million dollar success.)

#3  The rejection of a great genre, and future books
Just like the Twilight fiasco has induced a long-lasting phobia of anything vampiric, the startling number of HG likenesses may do the same for its genre. Future Dystopian novels, no matter what their merit, will suffer the apathy induced by the "dystopia craze". And this to me, is a great loss. What if Divergent had come before The Hunger Games? Would the Hunger Games be as big as it is? Further more, could we be thus missing out on the next Hunger Games?

Haha, well that was fun to write! I hope you enjoyed my little write-up. Are they any ways you think the Hunger Games influenced YA?

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